The uniqueness of Japan’s school educational system regulations that can be a good sample for Indonesia


Sometimes we always find the uniqueness of education system or its regulations on some countries. Because as we know, the education system which is applied in every school must be kept being developed positively in order to build the society’s characters inside a nation. Aside from that, with the existence of good qualities education system, it will affect qualities of human resources in order to develop their countries into more prosperous in the future as well. We can take Japan country as an example. As one of developed countries in the world, we already knew and can say that the quality of Japan’s education system is as good as in other developed countries. It is no wonder that the Japanese people’s strong characters which are famous for being discipline, hardworking and independent resulted from their strict education system. Even some of those regulations considered as unique and rare to be found on some schools in other countries, especially in Indonesia. The points below explain about Japan’s school regulations that considered as good sample worth to be applied in Indonesia:

  1. Cleaning off the school environment started on the elementary school for the Japanese students is a must

In Japan, every student on the school is obliged to be capable in cleaning off their own classrooms and the closet by themselves started from elementary school. The purpose of this regulation is to encourage them to keep working together with each other, sharing their responsibilities and to grow the feeling of ownership on every facility on their school. Usually the students are divided into several groups to do the chores, such as to sweep the floor, cleaning off the windows, the closet and others. So don’t be surprised if you come to one of the school in Japan and never found a cleaning service staff of gardener inside it.

  1. Taking part as school canteen staff during the lunch time

Commonly every school in Japan applied a system where all teachers and students must have lunch together at their school canteen, where most of the staff are also some of the students on the school. Every day during lunch time they always have their turns to serve the food for both the teacher and other students

  1. Bringing or playing smartphone and other electronic devices to the school is not prohibited

Most of us maybe already know that Japan is considered as one of other developed countries in inventing advancing technology devices. However, despite of that, each school in Japan have a regulation which stating that every student is strictly prohibited to bring their own smartphone or other electronic devices to the school. This rule is taken out in order to put all of the student to focus more for studying and on the same time to get rid of the social hierarchy inside the school between the rich and poor ones

  1. In Japan there would be no examination for students during their first three years in the school

The regulation to not giving examination test until on their fourth grade is because in Japan, they prefer to prioritize on giving morality lesson first towards the student before knowledge. Based on their culture, the Japanese people put their attention first to the student about the morality before focusing to teach them about the academic ones. That way, the student’s characters or morality can thrive positively by showing their respects both for other students and their teachers or parents