5 of Indonesian people characters/attitude that must be changed

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It has been common knowledge that the society who lives inside a country represents its characters which are different and more unique than the other society who live in other countries. Even though the best tourist destination or in terms of its abundant commodity could determine the appeal of a country, the characteristic or the manner of the society who lives inside a country also has the highest possibility in affecting the global public’s impression on them, either positively or negatively. We can take an example in Japan. Aside from its predicate as one of the most developed country in terms of its advanced technology, we also already know that it is well-known over the world with its people who mostly are friendly and kind towards each other, even though some of them are quite shy especially with their foreigner. In compare with American people, most of them tend to have outgoing personality, too daring and more straight-forward on giving out their opinions about other people. However, there are also some countries where the people are having bad manners which eventually making some foreigners feel uncomfortable and give them negative impression towards those people. For instance is in China mainland where most of Chinese people there are having no etiquette and more acting like “an uncivilized” person. Another example is like in Russia where some of the people there have quite unfriendly manner with foreigners and cold personality. Then what about Indonesian people? Even though the country also is being famous with its people’s outgoing personality, we cannot help that recently most of the society abroad already giving negative impressions towards Indonesian people for their bad manners which are already implanted in their mind as their habits until now. These are 5 Indonesian people’s negative characteristics/attitudes that must be changed from now on:

  1. Always trying to find out other people’s weakness in order to attack them both verbally or non-verbally

Thid kind of attitude has become the biggest trademark for Indonesian people. And sadly, not only between lower or middle class society, this type of behaviour also applied between the government and business people in order to have a chance in getting high position. The funny part is that most of Indonesian people tends to use social media to attack or bullying other people. It can be conducted in any form, starting by giving negative comments or status to show their dislike towards other people until provoking another person and creating an alliance to spread over their hatred towards certain person. These types of behaviour already included as part of cyberbullying. Based on the survey and research from Latitude News and Indonesian respondents, Indonesia is categorized as the country which has the second highest cyberbullying in the world, where 91% of those cases are taken place in social media, with 74% coming from Facebook and 44% coming from other media website. The reason why cyberbullying is quite famous in Indonesia because it is easier to attack their bullying victim in cyberspace instead on coming face to face with the victim

  1. Give up easily and tends to have no will to work harder or become more successful

Even though not all of Indonesian people possess this type of behaviour, it can’t be helped that mostly they don’t have any intention to improve their strong will to become more success, mainly in terms of doing a business. Thus it’s not surprising that the company business which are operated in several areas in Indonesia, particularly in several big cities like in Jakarta has been dominated by foreign investors instead of by the locals. Notably after the government has implemented its economic policy to ease all foreign businessmen on planting 100% of their capital investment towards 35 of business industries in Indonesia. Although this policy could improve their economic growth in competing with several countries in global market, on the same time it also will threaten the existence and development of the local business people, particularly for SMEs. Aside from the huge gap of the capital investment owned by both local and foreign investors, it couldn’t be avoided that they feel threatened because of their unwillingness to work harder to become more success and having low leadership capability which eventually trigger them to give up easily on taking high risk

  1. More complain, less work

This type of attitude also almost the same with the previous point, which mostly happening in doing school work or in the workplace. Based on the experience, most of Indonesian people tends to do the work which they feel easy to do and always give complain if they are given the hard one but with high expectation to get higher payments

  1. Have low respect on other people’s skills and their work

For this particular point, we can categorize this kind of behaviour as the second trademark for Indonesian people. As we know that there were several cases which some of Indonesian citizen (mostly from young people) who already succeed on inventing new scientific-related object or have over average skills in artwork as the representative of the country gained great appreciation from public society abroad. However ironically, when they came back to their own country they gained negative response and insults from Indonesian people. Even the government didn’t give their gratitude or appreciation for representing the nation. That’s why it’s also not surprising that they prefer to stay and live abroad to improve their skills instead of staying in Indonesia. And obviously with this “stupid attitude” of Indonesian people who never give respect for other people’s skills has brought great impact on public community abroad and lead them to have negative impression about Indonesian people

  1. Prefer to ignore the norm prevailing in the public community

The last point means that Indonesian people always tend to ignore the norms which have been applied in the public society. One of the example is a norm stating “no littering”. Even though it sounds trivial, we already knew that it will damage our environment greatly in the future. Based on the experience, we can still found some people who like to throw away their garbage on the road instead on the trash can, both from rural and urban people. Besides that, they also prefer to ignore the garbage which lay down beside them instead of throwing them in the garbage can. This kind of behaviour considered as a bad example and makes the foreigner who come there thinking that mostly Indonesian people don’t have intention to maintain the cleanliness of the environment