Negative impacts for listening music to our body


Commonly, we always assume that listening to music can be a remedy to remove our sense of stress from too much studying or working. Besides being able to calm the mind and even the fact unique, become powerful tactics to ward off evil hypnotic while in public transport or on the street, listening to music is also useful as a medium of healing for the psychological side of each person, which means also can help a person’s soul to be quieter and balanced thus reducing depression to problems that it faces. But not always listening to music can bring positive benefits to us. Why not? The following are three negative effects from too much listening to music:

  1. Damaging our hearing ability

If we are listening to the music with the sound is too loud that often, especially with the kind of metal or rock music directly and at close range like using a headset or earphones will certainly result in disruption to our hearing system. A researcher from the United States stated that 40% of young people and adults are at high risk of deafness is due mostly listening to music. Therefore health experts from around the world provide recommendations to limit listening to music, which is only one hour a day, so that the health of the ears and our hearing ability can be maintained.

  1. Make people become more stressed

This section is usually intended for people who have always had a habit of sleeping while continuing to listen to the music. Although it makes us fall asleep faster, this habit is actually a bad effect on the ability of our brains, because during sleep, our brain rhythms which are supposed to decline (but still running to perform the metabolic processes of the body) to take rest will be stimulated to work harder if we listen music at the same time. As a result, when we woke up, our body would not become more calm, but rather the opposite.

  1. Disruptive insulin levels and calcium in our body

This effect occurs when we are too often listening to rock music. According to researcher David A. Noebel, too many to hear rock music can affect insulin levels and calcium in the body, so that the power of thought and moral judgment will also be too blunt. So do not be surprised if anyone hears the rock music can do strange things without thinking what they are actually doing at the time. The rhythm of rock music is also of course can endanger the health of our body, especially our heart, because we know that the general rhythm of rock music is not as normal as music rhythm supposedly great for our heart health. Therefore, try not to get too used to listen to rock music that much.


Appearance of ‘Urban Poor Community’ in social media

kaum miskin urban

The term of “Urban Poor Community” or what Indonesian called as “Kaum Miskin Urban” that exist in social media has recently become the topic of a trend among young people today. The term was first disclosed by Gayatri Jayaraman, BuzzFeed contributor of Indian origin based on the experience of seeing the behavior of young people today in India on a post on his blog. What is meant here is the Urban Poor bizarre behaviour in today’s young generation who are willing to not eat and would rather spend all of their work to exist always in places that are categorized as high-class hangout to be posted on their social media accounts. And of course, this phenomenon is not only in India, but also many we see in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

The appearance of this millennial generation who want to keep being existed can be seen around our environment, such as the number of students and even elementary school children or junior high and high school were mostly spent time at several mall known Jakarta such as at Grand Indonesia or Senayan City to hang out for hours rather than follow lessons just to show off and continue to exist on their social media accounts as a “rich man fantasy”. We can also see this kind people among several workers. Mostly they are more willing to spend their salary to buy the latest gadget brands even reckless buying a luxury car (but still credits) just for showing off in cyberspace without taking into account the amount of salary they had (which of course is still below 7 million). In addition, another weird but unique behavior conducted by that millennial generation is by choosing a friend from high class people and big businessmen only in order to raise their social status in their communities. The usual way to be accepted among these is the total revamp their lifestyle with always hanging out in places exclusive always attended by executives rich to wear clothing and luxury accessories which require expenditure budget above normal, so they hope they can be part of those circles to be able to go travelling abroad.