Simple tips to keep our eyes remain healthy


Lately, we often see a lot of people already have a less clear vision. Even children who were aged 10 or 11 years are also already use glasses with minus size. What causes people at a young age now own eyes with less clear vision? Some were revealed that the myopic eye comes from heredity, whether it is part of heredity by our mother or father, or it could be from our own parents. But mostly the result of a myopic eye at an early age are caused by the frequent activity in front of a digital screen like playing games, watching on TV or playing mobile phone. Of course by keep continuing to use laptops or smartphones is the highest effect to experience the myopic eye, especially if we use it in a long time or even use it every day. It can make our eyes become tired and dry and eventually lead to our eyesight progressively reduced.

Then how to keep our eyes healthy? said that the main suggestion is to familiarize ourselves early on to eat foods that are healthy for the eyes (foods containing vitamin A and C), such as fruits, carrots, dark green vegetables and wheat. By consuming lots of vegetables and fruits will be able to develop our vision cells, so that the health of our eyes awake and have a good effect on the health of our nerve cells and blood vessels. In addition, such a simple way to apply the 20-20-20 rule is also a good way so that our eyes do not get tired. Every 20 minutes when we move in front of a digital screen, keep us rest our eyes in a way to see the sights that have a distance of 20 feet (6 meters) for 20 seconds. And do not forget to keep our eye examination regularly to the eye doctor for 2 or 3 years, especially for people who do not wear glasses and still have healthy eyes. As for who already wear glasses or contact lenses and suffer from other diseases so it is advisable to do a routine check every once in a year. By continuing to prioritize the health of our eyes, of course, we can perform various activities with ease without any complaint.


Author: yatipakpahan

I'm just an ordinary woman who's full of sarcasm to other people I despise so much,so embrace yourself with my new attitude~~

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