Here shows 4 exotic tourist destinations found in Indonesia

Generally, we prefer to spend our money as much as we have to travel abroad just for finding the best tourist destination with different reasons, where in our own country we can also find many wonderful places that even can rival with tourist sites in other countries. Most of those places can be found both on Sumatra and Java Island, with the budget to spend on those places is not unreachable, particularly for young travelers. The pictures below show four most exotic tourist destinations in Indonesia.


1. Tongging Niagara

Tongging or Sipiso-Piso Niagara is one of the famous tourist spots in Sumatra, located in Karo, North Sumatra. This place is located on the hills with the altitude at least 800 meters above sea level surrounded by pine forests. The height of the waterfall measured at least 120 meters, thus made Tongging Niagara considered as one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia.


2.  Simalem Resort Park

This park is also located in Karo sub-district, North Sumatra, where its location is close with Toba Lake. This park has an area of over 25 hectares with an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. In this park we can see and enjoy the many beautiful places that are provided as a garden flower nursery, outbound area, pearl of Lake Toba, even to the provision of Kodon Kodon Café before walking towards the twin waterfalls.


3. Wisata Iman Park (TWI)

If you want to visit a place with sectarian-related characteristics, then you can find it on this park. This park is located around Sitinjo village area, Dairi sub-district, with its wide range around 130,000 m2. Not only contains of worship place, this park also has miniature buildings and statues made from gold to show historical chronologies of each religions that exists in Indonesia.

flower garden

4. Nusantara Flower Garden

Now let’s move into the Java Island. Nusantara Flower garden is one of several unique tourist destinations that can be found in Java. This park is located in Bogor, Cianjur, West Java, which containing of different types of flowers and other plants. Nusantara Flower garden also harbors different types of garden, namely the water park, the rose garden, the French-style garden, Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden and the secret garden which commonly called as labyrinth or maze.


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